Common Misunderstandings About Dental Sedation

For individuals that struggle with anxiety associated with dental treatment, sedation dentistry in Deerwood can be highly beneficial. However, many individuals that could benefit from sedation dentistry never seek the treatment due to quite a few misunderstandings. Take a look at the most prevailing myths associated with dental sedation, along with the facts every prospective patient should know.

Dental sedation is not only for children.

While providing laughing gas (nitrous oxide inhalation) to children is the most common, people of all ages may be good candidates for some level of sedation. Sedating children is common because children often have a more difficult time of getting upset during treatment, which can impede treatment processes. However, sedation for adults is just as safe and possible as it is for children.

Dental sedation is suitable for most patients.

Contrary to popular myth, sedation dentistry is a suitable option for most patients. There are multiple methods and medications that can be used for sedating a patient before dental treatment begins. Therefore, even if a patient is not the best candidate for one type of sedation, they can be a good candidate for another type. For example, every patient may not be a good candidate for nitrous oxide inhalation, but those patients may be fine for oral or IV sedation.

Dental sedation is sometimes covered by insurance.

Sedation dentistry is sometimes deemed medically necessary, but it is often thought of as an unnecessary addition to dental care. For example, if you are having a relatively lengthy procedure or several teeth repaired at one time, a dentist may prefer to offer some type of sedation to keep you comfortable. In these cases, your dental insurance may cover some of the costs of sedation during dental treatment.

Talk to a Deerwood, MN Dentist About Dental Sedation

With low risks, few side effects, and so many advantages, sedation during dental treatment has grown to be commonplace in modern dental care. If you are looking for a dentist in Deerwood, MN that offers sedation dentistry, be sure to reach out to River Oaks Dental. We offer three levels of sedation dentistry and will be happy to discuss which method would work best for you as our patient.


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