3 Signs of Lip Tie in Infants

Lip tie is a condition that involves a thicker or stiffer piece of soft tissue just behind the upper lip. Even though lip tie is not all that common, this condition affects some infants. Lip tie or tongue tie treatment in Crosby, MN is performed by qualified practitioners like us at River Oaks Dental. Take a look at some signs your infant may have lip tie that needs to be treated.

Difficulty “latching on” while breastfeeding

The change in the tissue behind the upper lip can sometimes make it difficult for the infant to latch on properly while breastfeeding. In a lot of cases, mothers with an infant with a lip tie will give up on breastfeeding soon after birth because there can be so much difficulty. You may even notice that even if your child does latch on, they break away quickly and may make a slight clicking noise while trying to suckle.

Problems with gas and reflux due to air intake while feeding

Infants with lip ties often have a difficult time keeping their lips enclosed around the nipple while feeding. This can be more noticeable while breastfeeding, but may even generate problems with a standard bottle. Unfortunately, this can also mean more air intake while feeding. For this reason, infants that have the condition often struggle with things like colic, excessive gas, and even reflux.

Milk slipping from the mouth while feeding

Milk leakage while feeding can occur with all infants. However, infants with either a lip or tongue tie have a harder time keeping milk in their mouths while feeding. You may notice there is always a small, steady stream from the corner of the mouth. Or, you may even notice that your baby’s feedings seem to last a long time, even if you don’t immediately notice the spillage.

Talk to a Crosby, MN Dentist If You Suspect Your Baby Has Lip Tie

The procedure to correct lip tie is simple and the tissue heals quickly. However, it is best to get the problem treated early by a Crosby, MN dentist to avoid prolonged issues due to issues with feeding. Reach out to us at River Oaks Dental to schedule an appointment if you suspect your infant has a lip tie.

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